बच्चा पैदा करने में क्या-क्या सावधानियां रखीं जायें


भारत दुनिया की दूसरी सबसे बड़ी आबादी वाला देश हो पर लाखों लोग इस बात कि जानकारी ठीक से नहीं रखते कि आखिर बच्चा  पैदा करने में क्या-क्या सावधानियां रखीं जायें . इसकी एक बड़ी वजह यह भी है कि हमारे समाज में sex  और उससे संबधित बातों के बारे में बोलना-सुनना बुरा माना जाता है. और सही जानकारी ना मिल पाने के कारण लोगों को परेशानी उठानी पड़ती है. 




Baldness is a major problem. In the days of our time, the amount of money we spend on our hair in a month, our father, grandfather may not be in the whole year.

Gels, hair oils, conditioners, shampoos, serum, color, hair spas etc. But even the hair falls down even in 28-30 years, which fell around 50.

Hair fall is a common problem for men, sometimes it starts in young age, without hair you look old, you also have a demand for time to look beautiful,handsome, attractive in today's world. Baldness reduces confidence. Although nowadays there are many expensive alternatives like hair weaving available, the wig is now an old thing.

Let's talk that while combing, your hair is falling while bathing. the skin of your head has started to appear. So be conscious. Even if you will not be able to finish it completely, you can also pause on its speed.

Let's follow some such measures.

1. Consumption of vegetables, salads, seasonal fruits, sprouted grains should be done in large quantities in their diet Instead of junk food, make a healthy nutritional supplement. Drink plenty of water.

2. Whenever the hair shampoo, lightly massage the fingers of your fingertips. Doing this will increase the blood circulation of your head.

3. Do not use anti-dandruff shampoo much, because it ends the natural moisture of the head.

4. Do not spray gels or hair. It can cause hair loss. If the hair is weak then they should not be straight, curly. They should not even have gels or hair colour because chemicals are found in these products. They gradually spoil the hair.

5. Do not wear caps at all times. It accumulates sweat, germ and dirt on the edges of the head. Hair roots are damaged and the hair starts falling.

6. Do not comb into wet hair, comb three-four times a day. Doing this will remove the viscosity of land oil in the hair and help in growing new hair.

7. Massage with oil on the head. You can mix the mustard and olive oil in equal proportion and massage the hands with light fingers in your hair. After massage, soak the towels in hot water, then squeeze it and steam the head. This opens the hair follicles of the skin of the head and the oil gets absorbed inside the hair roots. This will strengthen your hair.

 8. If you think that baldness has started, then make hair shortened. Apart from this, you can also make some domestic solution for hair. Put 1 egg yolk in the hair and wash hair with shampoo after half an hour. Do this once a week, your hair will be strong.

9. Wash your head with curd and wash your head again after bathing with water. Doing so will solve the problem of baldness.

10. Soak the fenugreek seeds in the water in the night and grind it in the morning and make a paste and apply it on the hair. In few days, new hair will start growing. If you keep the above mentioned things in your hair while keeping your eyes fixed, you will not have to face the problem of baldness at a young age and your hair will be strong, dense and shiny.

NOTE: If you have any problems with hair, firstly advise Hair Expert.

Hair falling leads to baldness,which will snatch your beauty.